THE Issues

Election Integrity. Tax Relief. Family Protection.

In the upcoming 2024 legislative session, I, Joe Alfieri, running for re-election as State Representative, am unwavering in my dedication to crucial issues that define the essence of our community. From ensuring election integrity to championing tax relief and safeguarding families against societal threats, these key priorities reflect my commitment to preserving our cherished way of life. Join me in advocating for these vital goals that form the bedrock of my legislative agenda for a stronger, more secure Idaho.

Voter Fraud

Election integrity remains at the top of my agenda, because if we can’t ensure the safety of our elections, we can not maintain our representative republic.

An example of how severe the problem is was highlighted in a Rasmussen poll, where 20% of the respondents admitted committing voter fraud. Some 17% admitted voting by mail in a state in which they longer live, while another 20% said they filled out a ballot for someone else. The results are stunning, and call into question the legitimacy of recent elections. In Idaho, we are assured that our elections are secure, and while we trust our elections officials, our procedures are the same as in other states where elections fraud is alleged.


The cornerstone of society is the family, it is the foundation on which ordered civilization depends.

Its preservation ensures the continuation of not only our culture, but our very species. Yet it is under attack on multiple fronts, from the attempt to redefine our language — substituting birthing person for mother as an example— to the teaching of values by schools and other institutions that often directly contradict that of parents. The ready availability of pornography in school and other libraries to minors is yet one more example of the attack on our families. In the last legislative session, I was a co-sponsor of H314, which would have prevented libraries from distributing such materials to minors. The bill passed the legislature, however bit was vetoed by the governor and we fell one vote short of overturning the veto. But we’re not done, and will attempt again this year, along with other family protection bills.


In the last year Idaho accumulated a surplus of nearly $2 billion, from your taxes. While we have made great progress by moving to a 5.8% nearly flat tax, and H292 provided some property tax relief, there is more to be done.

I believe that we are still an overtaxed state. For example, Wyoming has a 4% sales tax, no income tax, low property tax. Why can’t we do that?

The most offensive of our taxes is the grocery tax. For years our legislators and candidates for Governor—including the gentleman on the second floor— have promised to remove the grocery tax. Yet we still pay it. And that tax hurts the people who can least afford to pay for it, especially during this Biden inflation. The grocery tax must be eliminated and now. I will work to make this happen, and to reduce or eliminate taxes wherever I can.


The legislature, passive for over 700 days during the Covid-19 crisis, allowed the governor to exceed authority before belatedly passing a bill. This highlights a troubling trend of the legislature relinquishing constitutional power to the executive branch, resulting in significant economic consequences.

The legislature permitted the governor to exceed his authority in addressing Covid-19, remaining passive until the eleventh hour. It wasn’t until after more than 700 days that a bill was eventually passed to officially end the emergency. While opinions may differ on the optimal Covid response, it’s indisputable that the legislature consistently allowed the executive branch to encroach upon its constitutional authority. Jobs were lost, businesses shuttered, and the failure of timely legislative action was inexcusable.


As a candidate seeking re-election to the Idaho House of Representatives, I am proud to have earned a distinguished 100% rating on CPAC’s legislative accountability scale. This endorsement reflects my unwavering commitment to conservative principles and effective governance. With your continued support, I am dedicated to building on this record, championing the values that matter most to our community.


House Bill 406

On Monday, January 29, the Idaho House of Representatives voted 55-13-2 on H 406, by Rep. Ted Hill, (R14) which I co-sponsored, that adds fentanyl trafficking to Idaho’s existing mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws.

House Bill 415

On Wednesday, January 31, the House passed H 415, by a vote of 53-16-1, which allows concealed carry by teachers and other staff  in schools, as a measure to protect children from mass shootings.


House Bill 259

Preventing Vote Fraud by Improving the Absentee Ballot Application Process.

House Bill 71

No Radical Gender Surgeries for Minors in Idaho.

House Bill 163

Strengthening Parental Rights in Education in Idaho.

House Bill 173

No State Land for Foreign Governments in Idaho.

House Bill 176

Strengthening Election Integrity.

House Bill 239

Ensuring that Non-Citizens May Not Receive Voting Powers. 

House Bill 265

Prohibiting the Usage of Public Property for Sexual Exhibitions.

House Bill 242

Penalizing Abortion Traffickers in Idaho.

House Bill 274

No TikTok on Government Devices in Idaho.

House Bill 295

Second Amendment Financial Privacy Act in Idaho.

House Bill 314

No Porn for Minors in Idahoan Public School Libraries.

Senate Bill 1030

Ensuring the Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws.

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