Meet Joe Alfieri

Joe Alfieri stands as a stalwart defender of North Idaho’s distinctive character. With resolute dedication, he is the ideal choice to represent District 4A in the Idaho House of Representatives, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of our cherished way of life with professionalism and impact.

As Joe Alfieri launches into his re-election campaign to secure his seat in the Idaho legislature, expect an unyielding commitment to conservative values and a steadfast dedication to preserving the unique essence of the Gem State. Residents of District 4A can rest assured that their concerns will be heard and their values vigorously championed with Joe at the helm. Cast your vote for Joe Alfieri in 2024 for a representative who blends professionalism with unwavering advocacy.

A Strong History

Though Joe proudly identifies as a North Idahoan today, his journey there was quite circuitous. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he graduated from New Utrecht High School in 1970. His career showcased entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen, with roles ranging from client relations manager to internet sales manager.

Joe’s story is more than a list of jobs; it’s a testament to resilience and adaptability. Pivotal moments, like opening the first NYC retail computer store in 1980, shaped his trajectory. He ventured into advertising, worked in California, founded a boutique ad agency, and explored auto sales while pursuing web design classes. As an empty nester, Joe and his wife moved to Coeur d’Alene in 2013.

In the local community, Joe became a business developer, actively participating in the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce. Post-retirement, he remained involved, attending civic meetings. Despite no political experience, Joe ran for Coeur d’Alene Mayor in 2021, and though unsuccessful, he remained committed. He then successfully ran for a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives in 2022, fueled by a passion for fiscal responsibility and fighting government overreach, garnering 62% of the vote. Joe Alfieri remains steadfast in his conviction to represent District 4A in the Idaho legislature.



Joe’s success in the Idaho House of Representatives reflects his hard work and the trust voters placed in him, emphasizing the importance of dedication and effort.


His career trajectory demonstrates an entrepreneurial mindset, from opening the first NYC retail computer store to founding a boutique ad agency.


Joe actively engages with his local community, serving as a business developer, participating in the Chamber of Commerce, and attending civic meetings.


Joe’s journey reflects his ability to adapt and persevere through various career transitions and life changes.


Joe’s political endeavors are fueled by a genuine passion for fiscal responsibility, evident in his desire to safeguard residents from over-taxation and government overreach.


Despite only beginning his political career in 2022, Joe is driven by a sense of civic duty, participating in local politics to represent and advocate for his community.

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